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Therapies Offered in Pennsylvania

Adult and pediatric therapy offered.

In addition to traditional swallowing therapy, we offer Oromyfunctional therapy with a focus to correct maladaptive behaviors and symptoms such as low tongue rest posture, open mouth breathing, tongue thrust, prolonged pacifier/thumb sucking, tongue tie, lip incompetence, nail biting and other oral habits. These can lead to negative impacts on the body including: TMJ disorders, sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing, reflux and GI symptoms, vocal tension, articulation distortions, and relapsed orthodontics.

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Advanced Dysphagia Diagnostics Services

Being a professional Speech-Language Pathologist necessitates understanding the difference between FEES and MBSS diagnostics. Providing your patient with an effective treatment plan means having the ability to choose the most appropriate instrumental diagnostic. Please click the button below to view the benefits of Mobile FEES for both the Patient and Health Care Provider.

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We specialize in Dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) and Voice Therapy for neuromuscular disorders, head and neck cancers (HNC), GERD, COPD, chronic cough, globus sensation, weening from feeding tubes, choking, muscle tension dysphonia and muscle tension dysphagia, vocal health and hygiene, PVFM, vocal fold pathologies and function disorders, presbyphonia, presbyphagia, oromyofunctional therapy and more.

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