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Being a professional Speech-Language Pathologist necessitates understanding the difference between FEES and MBSS diagnostics. Providing your patient with an effective treatment plan means having the ability to choose the most appropriate instrumental diagnostic. Here are some benefits of FEES for both the Patient and Health Care Provider.

Benefits to Patient:

  • Avoiding fluoro radiation*

  • Avoiding barium*

  • Avoiding unnecessary patient transport*

  • Allowing actual food and drink usage (no barium)*

  • Up to 5 times less expensive than MBSS

  • Accepted by most Insurance providers

  • Private pay accepted

  • Same day results

  • Same day treatment plan

Benefits to Healthcare Provider:

  • Quick diagnostic response (less than 72 hours versus up to 3 weeks)

  • Real time diagnostics and analysis

  • Isolation-precaution friendly procedure*

  • Full-color HD videography*

  • Allowing actual food and drink usage (no barium)*

  • Ability to assess without PO trials*

  • Observation of patient fatigue during procedure*

  • Realistic patient positioning*

  • No study time limitation*

  • Comprehensive diagnostic report

  • Exact aspirant identification*

  • Reimbursable

*Exclusive to FEES